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Content Strategy, Web Producer& Online Editing Samples

  1. Yahoo Screen and Yahoo Live: Yahoo Screen/LiveNation
  2. Carnegie Hall: Carnegie Hall Music Explorers
  3. Whipclip now (TV Time): Whipclip (now TV Time)
  4. Haymarket Media: Haymarket Newsletters
  5. Pratt Institute: Pratt Editorial Samples
  6. BlackAtlas: BlackAtlas Samples
  7. vitaminwater: vitaminwater uncapped videos
  8. Wochit Videos
  9. Harper's Bazaar: Shop Bazaar Site
  10. Women's Wear Daily website
  11. Teen Stories

  12. Time Warner Cable (now Spectrum: TWC Media Sales

  13. College Board: Big Future Website

  14. Pitney Bowes: PB Direct Returns

  15. Girl Scouts: Girl Scouts Website

Web Content, Press Coverage & Writing Samples

  1. Contently: Writerjudy - Judy Davis Projects

  2. What Are You Listening To Podcast: Writerjudy WAYLT podcast on iTunes

  3. Medium: Medium Published Articles

  4. Mogul Published Articles

  5. My Trending Stories: My Trending Stories Published Articles

  6. Published Novel on Barnes & Noble: The Powers That Be

  7. Published Novel on Amazon: The Powers That Be

  8. Auto World News: Auto World News Articles

  9. New York Women in Film Television: NYWIFT Articles

  10. US Blasting News: Blasting News Published Articles

  11. Published Health Related Articles

  12. WordPress Blog Posts: Writerjudy Media, News & Entertainment

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